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Choose Spain for a Golf Vacation – the best Golf Destination

Spain, one of the most favored global tourist destinations is home to one of the world’s top hundred golf courses. Located on the foothills of the Pyrenees and within close vicinity of the Eastern coastline of Spain, the Costa Brava is a great summer resort destination. The natural vista and the friendly people create an atmosphere that is completely surreal and serene. The natural vistas are quite captivating and there is more is French than Spanish to the accent of the locals. There could no better surroundings that a pro golfer can ask for a perfect golf course. The PGA Catalunya, since its opening in 1998 has been the cynosure of golf activity in the region. It has not missed its spot in the top hundred gold courses destination ever since.

History and background of PGA Catalunya

Spain Golf Destination

It took more than a decade of intensive planning, designing and re-designing from Neil Colles and Angel Gallardo to prepare the course for the European tour. With more than twenty five years of experience in the field of designing golf courses, the duo went on to create the PGA Catalunya that surpassed every expectation and standard of golf course designing. Having decided that the course had to be a rival of sorts to the then pioneer PGA Tour’s Sawgrass, much attention was given to the natural surroundings and layout of the course. The golf course received so much admiration that within a short span of its opening, major golf tournaments like the 1999 Gene Sarazen World Open, 2000 and 2009 Spanish Open were hosted right in this brand new golf course. Located just a short drive from Barcelona and closely located to the Girona regional airport the golf course is more easily accessible than its rival courses in the region.

Layout of the course

Designed in the likes of the highest quality and standard of golf courses, the course has 72 Parkland made of Woodland track. With long tracks and waves of green spreading across the course provides a magnificent view and a perfect setting for any international golf tour. It has eighteen holes, seventy two par, and span a seventy two thousand yards and is apt for all types of golfer, beginner to professional. However, the numerous obstacles makes it more suitable and exciting for technicians rather than for beginners or amateurs. The greenery is often pierced by rising oak trees that add to the majestic view of the gold course. In addition, there is a pool of water and a number of hills and slopes that makes the course a lot more challenging even on a professional scale. However, beginners can try some shots provided the length of the course will not tire them. The course has a club house located at the central location with attached services where players can stay and wind up after a tiring golf session. Further, the golf academy also provides training sessions for golfer who wish to sharpen their golf skills.

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